Topics discussed at recent
Computing in Cardiology conferences

Cardiovascular Imaging
Echocardiography, angiography, SPECT and PET, MRI, CT, 3D imaging, multimodality imaging, knowledge-based image processing, new imaging modalities
Cardiovascular Mechanics
Contractile and valvular function, arterial biomechanics, coronary artery measurements, instrumentation, blood pressure
Repolarization, ischemia, high-resolution ECG, arrhythmia, diagnostic ECG, fetal ECG, apnea detection from the ECG
Mapping, ablation, fibrillation/defibrillation, implantable devices
Medical Informatics
Intranet/internet, DICOM and communication standards, automated decision support, telemedicine, PACS, databases, systems and instrumentation
Modeling and Simulation
Cellular models, forward and inverse solutions
Molecular Techniques in Cardiology
Novel Techniques
System Study
Heart rate variability, baroreflex control of circulation, methods and applications, nonstationarity and nonlinearity