The Gary and Bill Sanders Poster Awards

CinC 2004 Poster Awards

Gary and Bill Sanders established the Poster Awards in 1997 in order to recognize, celebrate, and promote excellence in poster presentations at CinC. Bill is a past President of CinC; he and Gary have attended almost every CinC meeting since the first in 1974. In gratitude for their many contributions to CinC throughout its entire history, the Board named the Poster Awards in honor of Gary and Bill Sanders.

Gary and Bill donate awards for the three posters judged best in each poster session by a jury of Board members and selected attendees. Jurors endeavor to visit all posters during the poster sessions, considering both the posters themselves and the discussions they stimulate. All posters presented by their authors during the poster sessions are eligible to win an award; no ranking is made among the winners. The winners' names are announced, and the poster awards are presented, during the closing plenary session of the conference on Wednesday afternoon.

Winners of the Gary and Bill Sanders Poster Awards

2013 Matthijs JM Cluitmans, Kei Ito, Rudys Magrans, John Wang, Parastoo Dehkordi, Catalina Tobȯn
2012 José Luís Rojo-Álvarez, Alexander Van Esbroeck, Julia Ramírez, Nejib Zemzemi, Ali Gharaviri, Walther HW Schulze
2011 Erik Alonso, Eduardo Gil, Klaudia Czopek, Yuan Jiang, Fabienne Por, Willem Dassen
2010 Segyeong Joo, Karen Cardona, Mark Potse, Peter van Dam, Jess Tate, Stefan Klug
2009 B Carbonell, R Sebastian, W Zuo, A Simon, R Dubois, R Bonizzi
2008 T Syeda-Mahmood, M Matveev, EM Fereghini, MO Bernabeu, CE Chronaki, D Pani
2007 AM Climent, K Cardona, GD Bass, LH Lehman
2006 ME Barley, A Cabasson, J Cruz, LR Davrath, C Maier, G Seeman
2005 U Steinhoff, CA Swenne, MR Risk, R Calabrò, R Mukkamala, A Mincholé
2004 B Trenor, M Garreau, M Oefinger
2003 F Chiarugi, LR Davrath, B Mazzanti
2002 LR Davrath, L Jimenez, M Nalbach
2001 G Seeman, S Bitsch, M Fereniec
2000 V Zarzoso, V Torres, D Gil
1999 HW Chiu, JM Ferrero Jr, M Teistler
1998 J Haaksma, T Fitzgerald, P Rossi
1997 J Meunier, J Pattersson, B Raymond