Participating in a Computing in Cardiology conference

Prospective participants in the Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Award competition and in the PhysioNet/CinC Challenge need to begin planning their participation in these events as early as possible; follow the links for details.

All prospective authors should begin by submitting an abstract (see the instructions here), no later than 15 April of the year of the conference (this date is new in 2014). In addition, if you wish to participate in the Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Award competition, or if you are a young investigator who will be accompanied by a senior co-author, you may qualify for a reduced-fee registration (see below) if you submit a full paper at that time.

At the time you submit your abstract, you may specify that you prefer a poster presentation if your abstract is accepted. CinC poster sessions provide an opportunity to discuss your work in detail with interested attendees. The Bill and Gary Sanders Poster Awards are presented each year to the authors of the best posters.

If you will need a visa to attend CinC, apply for it as soon as possible; do not wait to find out if your abstract has been accepted.

The cost of registration is determined by the local hosts each year, in consultation with the CinC Board. In each of the past five years, the fee has been roughly 500 euros, and this is expected to continue for the next few years. Reduced-fee registration is available for students and other young researchers under some circumstances; details are below.

An early registration deadline (usually in July) is set each year, and any registrations made after this date may incur additional expense. Moreover, the local hosts may have reserved reduced-price accommodations for attendees that must be released or paid for at this deadline, and it may be difficult or more expensive to book hotel rooms near the conference venue after this date. Refer to the information posted on the local site for details.

Authors of accepted abstracts have until early September (one week before the conference begins) to complete and submit their full papers. At the author's option, a submitted paper can be made available here as a preprint; doing so gives chairs and other attendees an opportunity to learn about the work to be presented, leading to well-informed and useful questions and discussions at the conference.

Reduced-fee registration

YIA participants: YIA finalists are awarded free registration. Other YIA participants receive a 50% reduction in the registration fee provided that all YIA requirements have been met.

Others: An author not participating in the YIA competition is eligible for a 50% reduction in the registration fee if he or she

  1. qualifies as a young investigator;
  2. is first author and presenter of an accepted paper;
  3. has submitted both a conference program abstract and the corresponding full paper before the abstract deadline; and
  4. attends CinC with a senior co-author
Although all of the YIA requirements apply in this case, this option may be preferred by authors who are presenting work in progress, who have not previously attended CinC, or who prefer a poster presentation. It is also available for authors who have previously won the YIA and are thus ineligible to re-enter the YIA competition.

Mortara Fellowships: Computing in Cardiology are delighted to announce that, as of 2014, a number of Fellowships have been made available by Mortara Instrument, Inc. The purpose of these fellowships is to provide financial support to delegates wishing to attend the conference. If you are interested in applying for a fellowship please read the guidelines on eligibility and submission requirements.